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Dr. LEVY | Pollution Shield 5PF (30ml)


Pollution is considered at least as dangerous to our skin as UV rays. Building on more than a decade of research and 59 formulas, Dr. Levy launches a skincare revolution: the world's first dedicated, all-in-one, full spectrum pollution filter proven to fight against the 5 sources of pollution: (1) urban and industrial dust particles, (2) indoor volatile chemicals, (3) ozone, (4) invisible infrared rays and (5) blue light.

The product's invisible micro-roughened structure effectively repels physical pollution while visibly softening the skin texture under a silkysoft veil. The skin, reloaded in probiotics, antioxidants and natural oils, can slowly be rebuilt from the inside-out.

Further infused in Vitamin C, E and co-enzyme Q10, the Pollution Shield 5PF can rebuild the skin's damaged foundations from within, for a visibly younger-looking skin.

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